The Many Facets of Culture

Defining Culture
Many Facets to Culture
Key Takeaways

1. Root of the Culture: As a rule of thumb most business start out by defining their Mission, Vision and Values. Provided these are defined and followed the organizations culture will have the best chance to grow into a positive and powerful force.
2. Influences: The influences on an individual in an organization includes ourselves, other internal individuals and external entities (e.g., companies doing business with your organization) that we come into direct or indirect contact with.
3. Culmination of Influences: An organizations culture is the culmination of all the influences impacting the individuals of the organization.

Deeper Look at Organizational Culture

In my article "What is Culture?" I stated that culture is all things related to the workings of an organization. In this article I want you to see what I mean by all things related to the workings of the organization.

You might be surprised by some of the factors that influence and create the organizational culture. You may not be surprised that behaviors, values, and teamwork are part of what make up the organizations culture, but what about the stories we tell ourselves and each other that have a positive or negative influence, our overall attitude, our beliefs, our willingness to embrace change. Consider the impact of how we lead, manage, work together, support each other, care about the well-being of each other.

The various influences I have listed above is not all that impacts an organizations culture.  The culture of an organization is made up of a collective of these factors and others from all the individuals in the organization as well as the influences of the individuals and organizations outside of your organization that you interact with. There is always the possibility of us being influenced by or influencing others.

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Defining Culture
What is Culture? (Part 1 of 3)

1. Broad Definition: All things related to the workings of an organization.
2. Aspects of Culture: Values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of an organization.
3. Impact of Culture: Culture impacts all activities (or lack of activities) within an organization and between the organization and other entities.