What is Culture? (Part 1 of 3)

Defining Culture
What is Culture? (Part 1 of 3)
Key Takeaways

1. Broad Definition: All things related to the workings of an organization.
2. Aspects of Culture: Values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of an organization.
3. Impact of Culture: Culture impacts all activities (or lack of activities) within an organization and between the organization and other entities.

Organizational Culture

What is organizational culture? A broad definition of organizational culture includes all things related to the workings of an organization. It includes values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of an organization. The challenge with such a broad definition of culture is that it can make the real impact of culture on the organization very hard to define and measure.

The Sales, Marketing, and Finance functions of organizations can be defined and the activities of those functions measured.

A business can do market research to estimate the level of investment needed to make marketing effective and sales profitable. After an organization invest in marketing and sales they can measure actual numbers that show the impact of the investment in those areas.

Organizational culture on the other hand is not a function. Unlike functional areas of an organization, culture permeates all aspect of an organization. Moreover, the various aspects of culture are interdependent.

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Defining Culture
The Many Facets of Culture

1. Root of the Culture: As a rule of thumb most business start out by defining their Mission, Vision and Values. Provided these are defined and followed the organizations culture will have the best chance to grow into a positive and powerful force.
2. Influences: The influences on an individual in an organization includes ourselves, other internal individuals and external entities (e.g., companies doing business with your organization) that we come into direct or indirect contact with.
3. Culmination of Influences: An organizations culture is the culmination of all the influences impacting the individuals of the organization.